Group Projects

I worked with a group on all the projects below.

In my GWU PR Principles and Practice class, our group of four created a PR campaign for Bank of America. One of my classmates ask that their name be removed when posted on the Internet. This paper does not represent Bank of America and was created for education development only. PR Campaign for Bank of America.

In my Agency class, I was one of four students who had the Institute for Communication and Leadership as a client. Collectively, we decided who would hold what position in our microcosm of a public relations firm. I was over research and found myself not only directing all of the research, but also filling in the gaps ensuring project completion dates were met, maintaining communication with both professor and client and helping other students understand their job responsibilities. At the conclusion of the semester, we complied a pubic relations plan for the Institute for Communication and Leadership that could be given to our successors enabling them to start where we left off. Below is the final document complete with a situational analysis, research findings and recommendations. I helped write one third of the paper and I composed all of the research section including the graphs.
ICL Public Relations Plan

In my Public Relations Research Class, my professor divided the class into five groups, having each group complete one aspect of PR research. The five groups covered: internal audit, industry/stakeholder analysis, focus group, survey and recommendations. I was put with the focus group team and with the help of four other students, conducted qualitative research. My responsibilities in the group were to write the Informed Consent Form, be the officiator of the focus group, draft at least five questions, invite at least five people to attend the focus group, contribute to the treats and help set up the event. The first item below is the Informed Consent Form that I drafted and below that is the final paper we wrote as a team about the Focus Group.
Informed Consent Form
Baby Animal Days Focus Group

Our goal in designing the advertisement below was to increase customers and potential customers attitudes towards Wrigley’s. We wanted the customer to understand that Wrigley’s is stiving to make their business an environmental-friendly business around the world. We chose to make the gum look like grass because it showed the customer one product that is made by Wrigley. We all brainstormed and worked on this project together. We did it through photoshop.Advertising for Wrigley's "Green" Campaign

The brochure below emphasizes an event taking place, The Great American Smokeout. The purpose of the brochure is to help people understand the negative effects of smoking and either make a commitment to quit by attending our event, or encourage a tobacco user they know to stop smoking. I chose the layout of the front cover and the second panel, found picture and content, and helped insert it using Adobe Dreamweaver.
Brochure #1
Brochure #2

Our PSA was also for The Great American Smokeout. We wanted to tap into the fear factor and encourage tobacco user, or friends of tobacco users to attend the event. I thought of the situation of the PSA and as a group we collaborated to make it a complete script.