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Photoshop One

This is an engagement picture of my husband and I. Although the colors are already really bright, I wanted to make the colors even brighter.

Final picture (above)

1. I used hue/saturation to make the blues in our shirts and the greens in the tree come out. I raised the saturation a little on both.
2. The wood piece we are sitting on had green that was brought out when I did the green saturation so I erased the top layer so that the orignial layer would show through the true brown color.
3. I used the clone stamp to make Tyson’s sun glasses disapear.
4. I used the burn tool to make the outside of the picture have a darker hue.

Original picture (above)

Final Picture

Origninal picture

This photo is of my dear friend Buck Dopp, (Buck judged me when I won Miss Utah) my lovely hubsand Tyson, and myself.
1. I didn’t like how red my face was so that was and I wanted to do other touches to make the photo look better. In photoshop I went to image, adjustments, hue/saturation. I clicked on red and then lowered the saturation to -21.
2. I wanted to make the three of us stick out above the crowd so I made two layers of the picture. On the top layer I went to fliter, blur, gaussian blur and I chose 2.0 pixels of blur. On that same layer I esrased us three so that the original image would show through.
3. I wanted to fill my hair in because it looked too thin so I used the clone tool. I went to clon stamp and then filled in my hair.
4. I wanted to bring us in closer so I cropped the picture.