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Cache Valley Area Investors Association
435 E. 600 N.
Logan, UT 84321
President Preston Parker
435-857-0987 Office

Local Club Promotes Financial Independence
CVAIA helps citizens gain financial independence through understanding passive income


LOGAN, Utah – The Cache Valley Area Investors Association (CVAIA) is dedicated to helping residents increase their passive income — an income they do not have to work for — and decrease expenses.

“You will be happier if you don’t have to go to work for money,” President Preston Parker said.

Passive income is the income you earn when you are not doing anything to earn it. It is research done in advance that enables a flow of income, without an equal ratio of work performed to receive the income. Passive income can be thought of as investments. The way to establish a passive income is by investing three things, time, assets and experience. Just like any investment, it is about understanding risks and calculating which ones are worth taking and which ones are not.

The club meets every first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. On the first Thursday the club meets in the Chamber of Commerce Building, 161 N. Main St. in Logan. The third Thursday is held at a local restaurant where a guest speaker will address the group.

The CVAIA’s main goal is to help people become free from financial worry. Parker stresses the reason behind building a passive income, which is to eventually become financially independent. Financial independence is gained through education, specifically education and understanding of passive income. The association informs people of the two types of income, earned income and passive income. Both incomes are earned, just the former works for you even when you are not. Once you can understand how to have passive income work for you, you can make choices independent of finances.

One of the first steps to gaining financial freedom is getting expense down and passive incomes up. Once your monthly passive income passes your expenses, you are financially independent. This could become possible in 7 to ten years, meaning the house and car will all be paid for, just by living a regular lifestyle and changing a couple of things.

In 2007 Parker established the association to offer an avenue of education for people seeking financial independence. Parker was constantly hearing people complain about their financial situation and trying to give them financial advice. “I was sick of people complaining about their jobs,” Parker said. “This is America, no one should work because they have to, they should work because they like to.”

If people learn the right mentality and approaches to investing, they can all be successful in what they desire. People should be able to spend their time doing something they love, not just a job that provides an income. Passive income largely makes this possible. There are many organizations with the stated goal of helping people understand the relationship between assets, liabilities, income, expenses. They practice the methods found in the ideologies of books including “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, “The Wealthy Barber”, “The Millionaire Next Door”, “Atlas Shrugged”, “The Automatic Millionaire”, and “The Secret.”

For more information about the CVAIA, meeting times, or upcoming events, please contact President Preston Parker by calling 435-857-0987, or emailing

Cache Valley Area Investors Association teaches people how to increase passive income. CVAIA embraces the law of attraction, law of abundance, and law of exchange. CVAIA began in August 2007 and now has members from many geographical locations and from all walks of life. The members come together with the same belief: that education mitigates the risks of investing.


Media Contact: Kayla Hall 435-898-3456