Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

I did a 2011 summer internship for the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) in Washington, D.C. ITI is a trade association for the top information and communication technology companies. Some of ITI’s members include Google, Apple, Microsoft, Skype and HP. One of my main job responsibilities is managing social media for both ITI and an ITI sponsored campaign – Digital Energy Solutions Campaign (DESC). I do social media approximately four or more hours a day. I have been at ITI for a month and have increased their followers by 25 percent. I also help write blog posts, manage the internal company website and gather news clips. I have been working on two big projects this summer, finding more non-due revenues and collecting data from member companies for an energy report. I accompany and help the communications director with all her responsibilities, which include managing events on the Hill or ITI, preparing our CEO and VP’s for press interviews and sitting in all meetings.

ITI was looking to increase their non-dues revenue as well as increase our brand image. We decided we would work with Smartbrief to create a daily newsletter in order to accomplish these two goals. My responsibility was to conduct market research to see which of our competing trade associations issued a newsletter and if so, how we could make ours different. The one page document I helped write was given to ITI’s board members during our non-dues meeting. I cannot attach it however for privacy reasons.

ITI/DESC/Spirit Ridge Facebook Success 07-18 Here is an example of what my Facebook successes looked like in the month of July. I was doing Facebook for three companies.

ITI’s Twitter Guidelines When I started at ITI I created Twitter guidelines we would follow to increase our social media presence.

DESC Event Agenda

DESC Dispatch – August

DESC Blog-June

22nd Annual Energy Efficiency Form

DESC Dispatch 7

May Press Clips

ITI Recent Press Clips

July Press Clips
I gather news clips once a month and print it for the Government Relations meetings. Here is an example of the press clips.

FactSheet: Benefits of Innovation
I collected two of the facts listed on this fact sheet.

DESC event Power Point

Non-Published Material