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Press Release
11-08-10FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf
9846 N. Highway 38
Deweyville, UT 84309
Contact: Misty Petersen

Long-Range Shooting Company Hosts an African Safari Tournament
Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is offering tournament winner an $8,000 African hunt

WHITES VALLEY, Utah — Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf (SRRG) and Africa Sport Hunting Safari are hosting an African Safari Tournament Nov. 12 and 13,. The winner of the tournament receives a seven-day African Safari hunt with lodging, food, laundry, and a professional guide included. The winner can also bring a companion of choice. The prize includes three different hunting tags for an impala, warthog, and steenbuck or duiker. This hunt is worth $8,000. The purchase of more animal hunting tags is permitted.

Africa has over 167 different species … and a lucky Spirit Ridge Rifle Golfer is going to have the chance to hunt there! Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf’s Director of Marketing understands the enormity of the tournament.

“There is a ton of excitement surrounding this tournament,” Peterson said. “The stakes are high, the competition is first rate and a trip to Africa is on the line!”

At the tournament, shooters will be taking aim at African animal targets. Half of the course’s targets will feature African safari animals, like lions and cheetahs, while the other half will still include bears, elk and buffalo. For lunch, shooters will feast upon an authentic African meal and will conclude the tournament with a raffle and the announcement of the grand-prize winner.

The tournament is $150 per person, which includes lunch. Viewers, spotters and friends are welcome for free and can call ahead to purchase lunch for $10.

The course is laid out with four stations, three holes at each station. Each hole has two different life-size animal targets ranging from 200 yards to 1000 yards. Although the targets are life-size, each target has a metal plate, no more than 12 inches in circumference, that must be hit to score points. Once the metal gong is hit, everyone will first see it swing and then hear the glorifying sound of a ping.

Rifle golf is scored almost identical to regular golf. If the shooter hits the target on the first try he gets an eagle, two points below par. If he hits the target on his second try he gets a birdie, one point below par. If he cannot hit it on his first two tries he then moves down to a closer target and shoots for par. If he misses that target he gets a boogie, one point above par, and is finished with that hole.

Golfers bring their own equipment, ammunition and ATV. ATV’s can also be rented at the course.

If you love the thrill of competition, want to improve your shot for the hunting season, or want to win amazing prizes, SRRG is the where you belong. SRRG can help you improve confidence in your shot by the first visit.

Eddy Crookston has shot the Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf course at least seven different times and has won over four different prizes, including a prize for hitting the 1,000-yard-shot.

“Each time I come to Spirit Ridge I improve my shot,” Crookston said. “It is impossible to come here and not leave being a more advanced shooter.”

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf started as only a dream shared by brothers: Stewart, Jeff, and Kameron Petersen. It became reality when one of the brothers married into a family with 10,000 acres of land and an open mind for business. Stewart Petersen, and his wife Misty Goring Petersen, took a mere fantasy and made it a reality by developing the Goring ranch into a rifle golf course. With the help of Mrs. Petersen’s father, Jr. Goring, and all three of Mr. Petersen’s brothers, SRRG became outdoorsmen’s ultimate playground. Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is becoming national by sharing a partnership with Sportsman Warehouse, Vortex, and Wasatch Precision. Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is located just 12 miles southwest of Tremonton, Utah, and sits on 10,000 acres of land.

One will not want to miss out on such incredible prizes. Call today to register for the African Safari Tournament, 435-764-6980. For more information visit http://www.spiritridgeriflegolf.com, or visit the blog at http://www.spiritridgeriflegolf.com. SRRG can also be found on Facebook.


Media Contact: Kayla Hall spiritridgepr@gmail.com 435-232-0130