Public Relations Outcome

Tremonton Leader – Vortex Extreme Tournament – It was four days before the tournament and we realized we had yet to send out a press release. I quickly wrote a press release and distributed it to all my news sources in Utah. Two hours later I received notice in my Google Alerts that Tremonton Leader had just copied and pasted my press release. That feels good when your writing is good enough they just copy and paste. Here is a copy of the VORTEX EXTREME press release.

Hook’n UP & Track’n Down radio show – We sent out a press release to all Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) members and within hours, we had media contacting us for interviews. I am in Washington, D.C. for the summer doing a different PR internship, so I have been doing all my PR remotely. I called in to be on the radio show and had the fun experience of talking with hosts Steve Graf and James Hester. The best part was trying to understand their thick southern drawl.

Sportsman Warehouse News Video Featuring SRRG – Sportsman Warehouse has had a partnership with Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf since 2009. In summer of 2010 they agreed to come film the facility and publish a news video that they sell at all their stores in surrounding states. This video shows my role as a public relations specialist in front of a camera.

Herald Journal News Article – This article was written after I presented verbal media pitch to editor Lance Frazer. In the pitch I briefly explained Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf, and invited him to attend our weekend tournament. This article was published a week after

KUTV “Roughin it Outdoors” with Adam Eakle – Adam Eakle had previous contact with my employer. My employer asked me to call him again and invited him to another weekend tournament. I called and gave him the media pitch. Although he did not take the idea of coming to the tournament, because it conflicted with his schedule, he proposed a different time. On that particular day we only have two shooters signed up, a husband and wife from Wyoming wanting to do long-range shooting for their anniversary. Although that was news worthy in and of itself, we had to pull in more shooters. We ended up letting four shooters come for free so it looked we had a full group of shooters.

On KSL Radio, Saturday Morning Outdoors Show – I was driving to a SRRG tournament and listening to the radio. I heard men talking about fishing and hunting. Right before the break they announced, “If anyone has a good outdoors story please call in and share it with us.” I thought, I have an outdoors story! Spirit Ridge! I called in and gave them the 60 second elevator pitch, and they took the bait. He told me to call back in 20 minutes and he would have me talk on the show. Striving to find cell phone service, I drove to the top of the hill on the shoot range and called in. For 10 minutes I talked on the radio giving the key points of SRRG, mentioning our sponsors and our upcoming tournament. Sometimes all it takes is the initiative to call.