USU Institute of Government and Politics

As the Communications Specialist for the Utah State University Instiute of Government and Politics, I am solely responsible for all communications which includes writing/managing content for website, Twitter, Facebook, blog, advertisements, printed materials, newsletters, content for intern program, and content for government affairs. My first four months in this position I spent half of my time building the government and policy internship program and the other half doing communications. Since January, 2012 I have spent most of my time doing communications, mainily website management, Twitter, blog, Facebook, communicating with interns and alumni, event planning, and creating printed materials.

Advertisement for IOGP: I wrote content for, and worked with a graphic designer to create this advertisement for the Institute of Government and Politics. It was placed in the magazine after the seven-page article about IOGP. I also created the QR code.

USU Magazine: I helped write content for a 12-page article published in the Utah State magazine. The article highlights the Institute of Government and Politics’ Internship Program. I helped coordinate a photographer and decide on which interns and alumni to highlight. I helped write the introduction to the article and the profiles of each alumni. Our story is on the cover of the Utah State summer 2012 magazine.

Press Release on Outstanding Intern: Wrote a press release and sent it out to all local media.

Internship Banner: Worked with graphic designer to create banner advertising our internship program. I wrote language and had vision of design.

Development Brochure: I wrote entire content for and helped design a major development pamphlet used as material to reach our $300,000 development goal.

Seminar Advertisement: I designed and created this advertisement on Photoshop. It was published in The Utah Statesman twice as a way for us to get more students interestd in our internship program.

Happy New Year Email: I wrote content for a New Year email that we sent out to 600 alumni. I had a graphic designer put it in the layout.

Legislative Preview Invitation: I planned a Legislative Preview event for USU alumni to gather the weekend before the state legislative session started to listen to Utah’s Lieutenant Governor and USU’s President Albrecht talk about Utah legislation. I wrote content for the invite and had a graphic designer create it.

Internship Handouts: I designed and created handouts that the IOGP staff gives to students when we present in their classrooms about the internship program.

Twitter for Govt Relations: I created guidlines we could follow for our Twitter use. Although I created this in September, I was needed helping with the internship program so I was unable to do any social media until January. Starting January 2012 I was then able to dedicate a bigger portion of my work to social media.