Kayla Barclay Hall is a Marketing Communications Consultant in the Washington, D.C. area and owner of Strategic MarComm, LLC. She has over five years of experience in digital strategy, content creation and media relations. Kayla helps growing businesses achieve their mission and vision through clear public relations/marketing goals, messages, and results.

Kayla has worked with businesses in various industries, including: medical, construction, trade association, education, commercial real estate, hunting, and publishing.

The services Kayla offers include:

  1. Social media marketing/account management
  2. Media Relations
  3. Website Management
  4. Surveys
  5. Internal communications

Kayla’s main focus has been helping businesses increase their brand recognition, thus increasing number of clients and talented employees. She has done this through increasing visibility in the media; enhancing content on website, blogs, and social media sites; helping create powerful marketing/branding materials; increasing positive interaction with target markets; and most recently reaching audience via digital media advertisement. Kayla also helps build the company from the inside out by strengthening the company’s internal communications.

For a proposal and quote please email Kayla at

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